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I'm a data-driven, strategic marketer blending analytics, creativity and a healthy dose of intuition. How can I help?



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Professionally, I am a pragmatic SaaS marketer: Results-oriented with vast experience driving product and content marketing strategy that contributes to the bottom line. 

At my core I am also a creative spirit. I mix a bit of this into everything I do.  It may seem like a paradox, but in my case, it's proven to be the secret sauce of success.

HOW I work

Pragmatic: Keep it simple; build on your learnings.

Fearless: Experimentation & calculated risks move the ball forward.

Customer-centric: Good customer experience = good business.

Execution-focused: Rubber has to meet the road. Get it done!

Leadership: Collaboration, teamwork, and light-hearted.

"Amanda has a deep understanding of how to create top notch product and corporate brands and combines this with aggressive execution."  

 - K. Hurst, VP Mobile Products, ebay

"Very impressed with how quickly Amanda mobilizes her team, all done with a very calm, cool approach to her work." 

- M. Stein, GM, DefinedCrowd Corp.

"She is a master at bringing out the best in her team."

- J. Bednarski, WW Partner Manager, Microsoft

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